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AMD reveals new Carizzo mobile APUs at ISSCC 2015


AMD today revealed its new Carizzo mobile APUs targeted at the notebook market. The Carrizo APU will succeed the company’s previous gen Kaveri APU lineup. The main highlights of the new Carrizo APU are the new ‘Excavator’ CPU cores and the next-gen Radeon R-series Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPUs for improved graphics performance.


AMD claims the new Carrizo mobile APUs bring significant improvements in both performance as well as battery life over Kaveri but hasn’t yet given any exact figures on the energy efficiency as well as performance of the next-gen APU. The Carrizo APU comprises of AMD’s new ‘Excavator’ CPU cores and eight AMD Radeon cores on the integrated graphics chip. AMD has also managed to reduce the die shrink down to 250.04 square mm with the Carrizo. Being manufactured on the same 28nm node as the Kaveri, Carrizo packs in 3.1 billion transistors, 29 percent more than the previous generation.


Another main highlight of Carrizo is the inclusion of the new ‘voltage adaptive operation’ feature that helps reduce CPU power consumption by 19 percent and GPU power consumption by up to 10 percent. AMD claims that this feature will have zero impact on the performance of the chipset.

The first products with the AMD Carrizo chip are expected to hit the market within the first half of the year.

Source: PC World

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