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AMD Radeon Pro 490 benchmarks leak online, edges out GTX 1070


The Radeon RX 490 surfaced at a retailer site, hinting at a release by the end of the year. AMD is showcasing the Zen CPU on December 13, so it is feasible the company will use the event to launch the RX 490. The listing mentions we’ll see CrossFire, PCI Express 3.0, and DirectX 12, but there’s still uncertainty on whether the card will be based on the current Polaris 10 architecture, or whether it will be the first to offer AMD’s next-gen Vega architecture.

It is likely that the RX 490 is a dual-GPU design with Polaris 10, offering a performance of 11 TFLOPS, with a 1,200MHz base clock and 4,608 cores. Leaked 3D Mark scores suggest the RX 490 — billed as the Pro 490 — edge out the GTX 1070 marginally.


With AMD’s event a few weeks away, we’ll know more about the RX 490 shortly.

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