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AMD Radeon R9 Nano specs leaked ahead of unveil

AMD R9 Nano 3

AMD is scheduled to unveil the Radeon R9 Nano later this week, with the card slated targeted at users looking for high performance in a small form factor. Designed to slot into mini-ITX enclosures, the R9 Nano features hardware that outmatches the R9 Fury, according to leaked specs.

That’s because the R9 Nano comes with a fully-enabled Fiji silicon, featuring 4,096 stream processors, 256 TMUs and 64 ROPs along with 4GB HBM on a 4096-bit interface, clocked at 1,000MHz. Essentially, the R9 Nano will be positioned as a smaller R9 Fury X, with the card’s compute performance at a comparable 8.2TFLOPS. What’s significant is that AMD was able to achieve this with a TDP of 175W, 100W lower than the quoted figure of the R9 Fury X.


Along with the video card’s gaming prowess, the presence of a H.265 video decoder means that the R9 Nano will be used in small form factor machines for UHD playback. No mention as yet of the pricing, but the R9 Nano is rumored to be in the vicinity of $549, the current retail price of the R9 Fury. Given its compact nature and the sheer performance on offer, it is likely the R9 Nano will see more mainstream consumer interest than even the Fury X. We’ll know more on August 27.

Source: Videocardz

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