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AMD Radeon Pro Duo’s press deck leaked ahead of unveil

AMD Radeon Pro Duo 3

AMD will officially unveil the $1,500 Radeon Pro Duo next week, but before the official launch, the press deck showcasing the video card has leaked. The card will be the 1.5 times faster than Nvidia’s GTX Titan X, and will feature a dual GPU implementation with two Fiji XT GPUs offering 8,192 stream cores, 512 TMUs, 128 ROPs, and a computing power of 16.4 TFLOPs.

There’s 8GB of HBM (gen 1) memory with a total bandwidth of 1,024GB/s on a dual 4096-bit memory bus.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo 4

AMD Radeon Pro Duo 2

AMD Radeon Pro Duo 1

Source: VideoCardz

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