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AMD Radeon HD 7970 specifications slide leaked

A slide purportedly to be part of the press deck, detailing Radeon HD 7970, has leaked online. As previously rumoured, the HD 7970 features the GCN architecture with 32 CUs. 

A slide purportedly detailing Radeon HD 7970 has leaked online. The slide resembles AMD's standard presentation design, and is seemingly part of the press deck held. As previously rumoured, the HD 7970 features the GCN architecture. 

The HD 7970 features 32 CU containing 2048 ALUs, clocked at 925 MHz. This amounts to 3.5 TFLOPS (Single Precision). TMUs are upped to 128, as expected. However, ROPs remain at 32 compared to Cayman, which is odd considering the memory bus, as we have observed, is 384-bit. Memory speed  remains unchanged at 5.5 GHz, meaning a 50% boost in memory bandwidth. The TDP is rated under 300W, while the idle power is incredibly only 3W. This means a 8-pin + 6-pin power connector configuration. HD 7970 features 4 display outs – 1x DVI, 2xmini-DisplayPort and 1x HDMI. Finally, the slide mentions the embargo release date – 9th January 2012. 

Needless to say, faked slides are nothing new for the rumour mill, so the information contained within this slide must be considered with caution. However, most of the details contained are realistic, and the image of the shroud looks identical to the leaked pictures

Source: OBR-hardware

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