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AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series in trouble?

Word has it that AMD is having trouble getting a substantial amount of GPUs ready owing to yield issues. Thus, the Radeon HD 6000 Series is expected to be delayed all the way into November. At the same time, NVIDIA claims that it is ready to counter AMD’s next-generation with its current arsenal of Fermi-based GPUs.

Say what?

AMD is looking to launch its Radeon HD 6000 Series of GPUs on 19 October 2010, which coincides with NVIDIA’s launch of its entry-level GeForce GT 430. As mentioned previously, the announcement of the HD 6000 Series will be a press conference at the AMD Technical Forum and Exhibition 2010. While not a hard launch, it is likely that AMD will have its internally developed card on hand to demonstrate the next-generation GPUs’ capabilities.

Little more than a press conference on 19th October?

Whilst many are predicting HD 6000 Series cards to hit retail in late October or early November, our close sources have suggested availability only in November. Apparently, the distributors have not been given pricing of these new cards, nor have they been invited to place orders till date. It takes some time for paperwork to be filed and products to arrive.


Delays and shortages; Radeon HD 6850 and HD 6870 expected to come first

Word has it that AMD is definitely facing yield issues with the production of HD 6000 GPUs but it is unclear as to whether AMD has run into problems with TSMC’s 40nm node again though TSMC has claimed that the ‘chamber matching problems that had impacted yield rates’ have been resolved at the start of this year.

At the moment, TSMC has but one 40nm fab with an output of 80 thousand wafers per quarter. The company said that production will double to 160 thousand by the year’s end when its next 40nm fab is ready. However, there is little news about the new fab’s status thus far.

Considering that NVIDIA has ready designs for the entry-level right up to high-end segments of the 40nm GeForce 400 Series, we can expect substantial orders to be made. With a production of 80 thousand wafers per quarter, poor TSMC is definitely going to having trouble delivering what both companies want.

In what might surprise many, one source is telling us that AMD will skip the HD 6700 GPUs for now and have the HD 6800 GPUs take the lead owing to delays in production. Expect very limited availability and if the yield does not match expectations, we might see a price increase in the couple of weeks after the HD 6800 GPUs hit retail.


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