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AMD quietly delays mid-range Kaveri chip

A8-7600 won’t be available until the second half of 2014.


The mid-range version of AMD’s Kaveri won’t be hitting store shelves anytime soon, but will be available in pre-built systems, according to an announcement quietly made by the company earlier this month.

Below is an official statement from AMD explaining the situation:

Production of the AMD A8-7600 is on track and will be available first to AMD’s OEM customers in Q1 2014, to ensure the introduction of AMD based systems in Q2 2014. Additional parts of the AMD A8-7600 for PIB production will be available for sale in the component channel in 2H 2014.

The quad-core A8-7600 doesn’t quite have the clock speed of the flagship A10-7850K, coming in at 3.3GHz base and 3.8 Ghz turbo, nor does it have the unlocked multiplier or GPU power. However, the competitive advantage of the chip is that it offers  80-90 percent of the A10-7850K’s performance for less than three-quarters of the price. Its TDP also comes close to the laptop-friendly range at 65W, making it a stepping stone for a mobile version of Kaveri (which has not been spotted in the wild yet, despite expectations to the contrary). Many review sites only got the A8-7600 to review, while others got both SKUs.

AMD is mum on the official reason for the delay. It could vary from high-demand for pre-built Kaveri-powered systems from emerging markets, or it could be trouble at Global Foundries. Regardless,  more information will be available in the coming weeks at either a spring Tech Day or in the leadup to Computex.

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