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AMD plans aggressive transition to next-gen CPUs/APUs

Xbitlabs reports that AMD is planning to produce 100% of its desktop processors at 32nm (or 40nm in case of Ontario/Zacate) as early as Q2 2012, completely eliminating the current 45nm+ Athlon/Phenom CPUs.  After several delays, 2011 is surely the turning point for AMD. With Ontatio/Zacate APUs already released, next in line is the Llano APU and the next-gen Bulldozer architecture as implemented in Zambezi CPUs.

By Q2 2012, 20% desktop products will be based on the AM3+ platform with Bulldozer CPUs, 10% on the FT1 platform with Brazos APUs, and finally, a vast 70% on the FM1 platform, which accommodates the mainstream Llano APUs. Llano and Bulldozer will be fabbed at 32nm SOI, while Brazos remains at 40nm Bulk.

AMD is also rumoured to simplify branding with the next-gen products. Ontario and Zacate are already branded as C-series and E-series respectively, with Llano expected to be A-series and Bulldozer (Zambezi) FX-series. Complicated branding such as "Phenom II X6" is likely to be dropped with the new generation of AMD products. It is clear that AMD is extremely confident and ambitious about its upcoming products.

By contrast, Intel's largest selling (by volume) product continues to be Pentium branded CPUs, manufactured at 45nm/65nm, and in general, Intel takes several years to transition to a new generation of CPUs.

Source: Xbitlabs

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