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AMD: No Immediate Plans To Target Slates

Slates and tablet-based devices are quickly gaining in popularity when it comes to portable computing, but not everybody is ready to make the jump yet. AMD, in particular, seems to be intent on holding off any plans for the new breed of slate-like devices, at least until their success in the market has been proven.

While many hardware manufacturers are jumping in to ride on the tablet bandwagon brought about by Apple’s success with the iPad, not all are keen on casting their lot with the slate-PC market yet. AMD, in particular, seems to be taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach about the sudden enthusiasm for tablet PCs, at least until the market for such devices starts to stabilize.

In an interview with InsideHW, a website focused on hardware-related news, Vice President of AMD Leslie Sobon talked about the current state of the netbook and tablet market, in which she claimed that AMD had no immediate plans for the tablet PC market. This news will probably come across as a surprise to some, since the upcoming Ontario and Zacate APUs are poised to target low-power computing devices.

Ontario, in particular, is particularly suited for tablets and netbooks due to its respectably low power consumption of 9W.

According to Sobon, the company is not anxious to capture a slice of the tablet market because of core differences in strategy and overall market share them itself and its competitor.

“When you have around fifteen percent of market share, I think that the best way…is to go after market share in your own market….We are looking upon tablets as we were looking upon netbooks. The only way for our competitor to grow is to grow the market, while as for us, we can grow by taking share on the mature markets,” she said.

However, Sobon also mentioned that the company will start targeting tablets after their success on the market has been proven, thus allaying fears of a potential duopoly by Intel and ARM in the tablet space.

“We will move to tablets when they are proven successful… Netbooks are not as sexy as tablets, but 300 million of them will be sold this year,” she said.

Source: InsideHW via X-bit Labs

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