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AMD is the GPU war victor in Q2 according to John Peddie Research

Quarter-to-quarter AMD lead the pack in Q2 with shipments increasing by 10.9 percent, Intel grew by 6.2 percent, while Nvidia decreased by 8 percent.


AMD was the winner in Q2 and Nvidia the loser, according to a new report by John Peddie Research.

JPR’s report says that AMD gained 10.9 percent more market share in the second quarter of 2013, bumping its hold of the GPU market up to 21.9 percent. Nvidia’s share slumped by 8 percent to 16.1 percent because of declining desktop and mobile GPU shipments. Intel saw a slight gain, gaining 6.2 percent to 62 percent market share.

Nvidia is at a slight disadvantage, as it doesn’t sell x86 chips with integrated graphics which means it can’t take advantage of the stable notebook market to the extent Intel and AMD have.

JPR’s research found that this quarter, ninety nine percent of Intel’s non-server processors shipped had some form of GPU attached while approximately 67 percent of AMD’s non-server processors shipped with a GPU (read: APU).

Discrete GPU sales were down 5.5 percent quarter-over-quarter because of a shrinking PC sector.

Source: John Peddie Research

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