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AMD FX-8800P flagship Carrizo mobile APU 3DMark11 scores leak


AMD’s upcoming Carrizo mobile APUs aren’t likely to become available at least until a few more months. So it is quite surprising to find the AMD FX-8800P APU get benchmarked on the popular 3DMark 11 graphics benchmarking tool. Although we do not know for sure, from the specs listed on the 3DMark website as well as the overall score, it looks like this could be the flagship mobile APU from the Carizzo family.

The 3DMark benchmark doesn’t reveal all the details about the APU but does confirm that the AMD FX-8800P will have 12 Compute Cores. These could include 4 x86 cores based on the AMD Excavator architecture and 8GCN Compute units. We also notice that the stock core clock has been reported to be 1,700MHz while the maximum turbo clock speed is reported to be 2,100MHz. It also appears to be a dual-core part with four threads. The benchmark test was taken on the AMD Gardenia platform, an internal code for the Carrizo test board. The GPU has been listed as Radeon R7 graphics with 1GB of video memory.

Coming to the performance of the APU, it managed to score 2,645 in 3DMark 11 with a Graphics score of 2,700 and Physics score of 3,128. Overall the score definitely seems to be a good improvement over what the current gen FX-7600P APU manages in the same benchmark.

Source: 3DMark



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