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AMD FX-670K appears in the wild

Chip appears to be a Richland APU with its onboard GPU disabled.


A user on Hardware Canucks’ forums came across a rare and very peculiar OEM-geared processor from AMD during a hardware swap.

According to the forum post, user “Randylahey” thought he had an AMD A10 APU removed from an HP machine. But when he couldn’t get the chip’s GPU to work with the motherboard’s onboard display that this isn’t a regular APU he was dealing with.

After some sleuthing by forum users, it turns out that this chip isn’t exactly the A10 APU he expected. It’s an AMD-FX 670K that was shipped to HP and bundled with the Pavilion 500-266ea desktop PC. Call it a Richland APU by any other name, the chip uses the Piledriver architecture clocked up to 3.70 GHz  but lacks, or has disabled, the the GPU cores that are the pillar of an APU.


HP’s Pavilion 500-266ea ships with an FM2 motherboard and discrete Radeon R7 graphics.

Source: Hardware Canucks’ forums

Via: Tech Power Up


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