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AMD formally announces the Radeon R9 Fury graphics card



AMD today formally announced the step down model to the R9 Fury X, the Radeon R9 Fury.

The R9 Fury utilizes the Fiji PRO GPU, manufactured on a 28nm process. Being the second most powerful Fiji GPU yet, the R9 Fury is definitely quite an impressive beast in terms of raw specs. The card features 3,584 stream processors, 4GB High Bandwidth Memory, 224 Texture Mapping Units (TMUs), and 64 Raster Operation Units (ROPs).

The card comes with a core clock of 1000 MHz, only 50 MHz lower than the R9 Fury X. Memory clock remains the same as the R9 Fury X at 500 MHz with up to 512 GB/s bandwidth.

Like the R9 Fury X, the R9 Fury is also a product that is built for high-performance 4K gaming. AMD revealed that the card will be available only from two partners – Sapphire and ASUS. The R9 Fury has been priced at $549.

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