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AMD Fiji XT rumored to carry ‘Radeon Fury’ branding


According to a new report published by Chinese publication ExPreview, AMD’s flagship ‘Fiji XT’ GPU could carry the ‘Radeon Fury’ branding.

Another report had recently confirmed that AMD plans to use a different branding for the flagship Fiji XT card, so the Chinese report does make some sense. If AMD does use the Fury branding for Fiji XT, it will be the second time that the company will be using it. AMD has used ‘Fury’ in the past with the ATI Rage Fury Pro and Maxx graphics cards way back in 1999. Both those cards were among the most powerful cards on the market when they first launched.

The Fiji XT card will also be a beast, with most leaked benchmarks pointing at it being the most powerful single GPU card on the market, even more powerful than NVIDIA’s GTX Titan X. It will also be the first Radeon card to use HBM (High Bandwidth Memory).

Source: ExPreview

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