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AMD drops Radeon R9 290X price to cash in on NVIDIA’s GTX 970 woes

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AMD has decided that it needs to make good use of the embarrassing GTX 970 woes that NVIDIA is facing currently. The company has announced a significant price cut for its high-performance Radeon R9 290X graphics card.

The AMD R9 290X graphics card can now be bought for around $300 while the less powerful R9 290 card can be purchased for $270 now. With the latest price cut, AMD’s cards now undercut the NVIDIA GTX 970 in terms of pricing. NVIDIA’s GTX 970 is currently retailing at $330 from most retailers. The price cut will definitely encourage prospective GTX 970 customers to take a serious look at the AMD R9 290 series graphics cards now as the GTX 970 memory issues will certainly affect its popularity among new customers looking at buying a new graphics card with a budget of around $300.

AMD’s technical communications lead Robert Hallock went on to take a potshot at NVIDIA by posting an image on his Twitter account that says 4GB means 4GB with AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics. This is clearly a move at drawing people’s attention to their R9 290X cards and using NVIDIA’s recent embarrassment to their advantage. Since AMD had not been doing that well in the graphics card market recently, this is a great opportunity for AMD to narrow the gap with NVIDIA in the high-end GPU segment.

The AMD Radeon R9 290X is a very capable card though, and can easily match the performance offered by the NVIDIA GTX 970 in most games. The R9 290X offers superior performance over the GTX 970 in some games while in others the NVIDIA GTX 970 is superior. However, the difference between the two cards isn’t very significant, so both cards will give you similar level of performance no matter what game you play. The Radeon R9 290X doesn’t seem to have the same VRAM issues as the GTX 970, so if you game at high resolutions, the AMD offering could be the better option.

Source: PCWorld

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