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AMD confirms its role as co-designer of Xbox One APU chip

AMD has recently clarified the confusion by announcing that they helped Microsoft design the "semi-custom single-chip" that powers the Xbox One.

During Microsoft's official Xbox One reveal yesterday, the company showcased a few of the console's capabilities and lightly touched on its internal hardware and specs. The reveal in itself was actually split into two affairs: the basic premiere that showed off the Xbox One's entertainment possibilities, and the following architectural panel that discussed the internal workings of the system.

Regardless of the information Microsoft presented, they had neglected to inform viewers on the company who helped them make the APU that powers the Xbox One.

The answer was first spotted in Wired's preview article on the Xbox One, and shortly after AMD revealed that they were the ones who helped Microsoft in a Tweet:

In yesterday's recap of the Xbox One reveal we discussed the console's internal specs which include an eight core CPU bundled with a GPU that's capable of sustaining 768 operations per cycle. AMD's single-chip also incorporates the Xbox One's 8GB of RAM as well as a few others.

The revelation is certainly interesting due to the fact that Sony's PlayStation 4 will utilize an AMD-based processor solution, and much like the Xbox One, the PS4's chip makes use of eight cores and 8GB of RAM as well.

Despite their apparent similarities, the two consoles differ in many ways–be sure to check out our PS4/Xbox One specs comparison for more info.

At this point, Microsoft's GPU seems to be a bit mysterious, and it's not exactly clear how it compares to the PlayStation 4's…but Microsoft's mysterious nature has been noted and is contrary to Sony's recent openness surrounding their next-gen console.

It will be interesting to see what developments Microsoft makes during this year's E3 expo, and whether or not they can win over the gaming world with their upcoming presentations.

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