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AMD Carrizo APU presentation leaked, claims double digit increase in performance & battery life


AMD’s presentation slides for its Carrizo APU to be shown as the upcoming ISSCC 2015 event have been leaked by Videocardz. The leaked slides tell us virtually everything about the new APU and leave nothing to the imagination.

The AMD Carrizo APUs for notebooks will be based on the x86 Excavator architecture, a high-density library design. The new design features a total 3.1 billion trasistors. This means that the new Excavator based Carrizo is significantly smaller than the Kaveri APUs and comes with a more general purpose GPU-oriented stack that enabled greater density. This helps reduce the power consumption as well and AMD claims that the new Excavator cores use 40% less power. What also helps with efficiency are the AVFS modules that AMD has included in order to optimize performance per Watt on the new APU.


As far as performance improvements go, the leaked slide points to 3.5 times the transcode performance of Kaveri with H.265 support and a general double digit increase in performance overall. The integrated Radeon graphics with the Carizzo APU is expected to include support for Mantle as well as DirectX12.


The Carrizo APU is expected to be available to notebook manufacturers by the second half of this year and we should see more details being revealed at the AMD ISSCC presentation on 23rd.

Source: Videocardz




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