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AMD brings Hawaii to the workstation with FirePro W9100

AMD proves that 5K isn’t out of its reach with new powerhouse card that sports 16GB of RAM.


As Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference wraps up in San Jose, AMD is trying to take some of the wind out of team green’s sails with the announcement of a new Hawaii-based FirePro card.

In a webcast from the company’s Sunnyvale headquarters, AMD’s graphics executives announced this year’s refresh to the FirePro line designed to take on Nvidia’s Quadro cards. While the details on the card were sparse — likely to be shared at a tech day in the next few weeks — we know that the FirePro W9100 has 16GB of 5GHz GDDR5 memory, 44 compute units, 5TFLOPS of single-precision calculations and 2.67TFLOPS of double-precision .For connectivity, the W9100 offers six mini DisplayPorts and can run a 4K monitor out of each simultaneously (or two 8K monitors). Exact clock speeds are not known that this time.


AMD says it has struck deals with a number of workstation vendors like Boxx, Supermicro, and Tarox to offer the card inside.

Without knowing the full specs of the card, it’s not clear how much faster the W9100 actually is compared to the W9000. AMD did include some benchmarks comparing the card to the Quadro K5000 and K6000, but these synthetic benchmarks are largely meaningless without knowing the card’s entire specs.


AMD has not yet announced pricing. This and other details will likely be announced in April as the card moves closer to availability.

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