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AMD announces new Brazos APUs

We have known about AMD's new Brazos APUs for a while now – E-450, E-300 and C-60. We have even seen notebooks based on the new APUs. AMD is finally officially announcing the three new APUs. 

The refresh is headed by E-450, which features a minor 50 MHz boost over the E-350, to 1.65 GHz. However, it is the GPU part which receives a more significant upgrade. The HD 6310 in E-350 is replaced by HD 6320. A minor boost in base frequency to 508 MHz is enhanced by Turbo boost to 600 MHz for the GPU cores when the power usage is under the 18W TDP. In addition, the E-450 now supports DDR3-1333 RAM. 

Instead of a single-core APU under the top E-series part (like the E-240), the new refresh features a lower-clocked dual-core E-300. The E-300 is clocked at 1.3 GHz, but features the same HD 6310 GPU as the E-350, with no Turbo. In essence, it is an E-350 with a 300 MHz downclock on the CPU part. 

Finally, the C-60 is a 9W APU which brings Turbo to both GPU and CPU. The base CPU clock speed is 1.0 GHz – the same as the C-50. However, it can Turbo all the way to 1.33 GHz – an impressive 33% boost. Even more impressive is the new HD 6290 GPU. The max speed is specified as 400 MHz, a whopping 45% boost over the base 276 MHz. In GPU bound games, the C-60 APU can bring significant performance improvements over the C-50. 

In addition, the new APUs feature HDMI 1.4a support and DisplayPort++. DisplayPort++ can be particularly useful for ultrathin designs as it allows a single DisplayPort output to expand to HDMI and DVI out. 

It is not known when notebooks based on the new APUs hit retail. However, considering designs have already been leaked, it shouldn't take long. 

Intel's competitors to the new E/C Series APUs are now set to release in November

Source: AMD Press Release, Anandtech

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