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AMD AM4 motherboards up for pre-order in Australia, prices revealed

After AMD Ryzen processors, the upcoming AMD AM4 motherboards have also been listed online. A few AM4 motherboards are now up for pre-order in Australia, giving us an idea of what to expect from the new boards in terms of pricing.

Let’s start with the most affordable of the four motherboards listed, the Asus Prime B350M-A. It will apparently be priced at AUD 128.70, which converts to roughly $99 based on the current exchange rate. Positioned above the Prime B350M-A is the Asus Prime B350-PLUS, which is listed at AUD 152.50. That converts to $119.

Moving on to the slightly more expensive models, we have the Asus Prime X370-PRO at AUD 245.85 or $189. The most expensive of the lot is the Asus Crosshair VI Hero motherboard, priced at AUD 380.63 or $289. Now, a direct conversion doesn’t really work, as pricing differs from one region to another. But it still gives us a rough idea of what to expect. Usually however, prices in Australia are on the higher side when compared to the US, so these motherboards should be priced lower stateside. In Singapore however, the boards will most probably be priced similarly to Australia.

As far as availability goes, the online retailers in Australia claim the motherboards will be available starting next week, or February 24th to be specific. We expect AM4 motherboards to go up for pre-order in more markets by the end of this month, right before the AMD Ryzen family is introduced.

Via: Guru3D

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