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AMD 2012 Notebook Roadmap Leaked

Following shortly after leaks for AMD's 2012 desktop roadmap, DonanimHaber has revealed AMD's Notebook roadmap for 2012. 2012 will bring AMD's 2nd generation Fusion APUs. Llano/A-Series will give way to Trinity based APUs while E-Series will be updated to Wichita, and C-Series to Krishna. 

New to the 2012 product segmentation will be a high performance quad-core 60W Trinity APU. Trinity will update the currently archaic CPU part of Fusion with latest Bulldozer/Piledriver cores and the GPU part with the VLIW-4 architecture currently only used in Radeon HD 6900 series. While 60W may sound like an extreme TDP for a notebook processor, it is only 5W more than Intel's current flagship – Core i7 2920XM. Of course, Trinity is also expected to integrate a far more powerful GPU than Intel's 2012 contender – Ivy Bridge. 

The rest of the A-Series line-up will be direct updates to the current product segmentation of A8, A6 and A4 series. All three classes will feature 35W and 45W SKUs. The first A8 tier will feature 4-core Trinity APU with the top GPU line. The A6 tier will be 4-core Weatherford APU – presumably Trinity with cut down GPU parts and lower clock speed. Finally, the A4 tier will be dual-core Richland APU, presumably a dual-core version of Trinity. Unlike the current E2 Series, the next-gen replacement will not be based on the mainstream Fusion part (Trinity in 2012). Instead, it will be based on the Bobcat replacement – Wichita. The E2 tier will be covered by a 20W quad-core APU, while the 18W E-Series APUs will be replaced by a dual-core Wichita APU. Finally, the C-Series will updated with a 8W dual-core Krishna APU, most probably a lower clocked version of Wichita 2-core. 

It is possible that the current branding A, C and E series will move forward to the next-generation, with A-series moving to Ax-4000.  Indeed, the product segmentation is remarkably similar, with the addition of a 60W flagship SKU. 

2012 is still a long way away and a very ambiguous timeline for release. With such leaks, it is standard procedure to take everything with a bag of salt. 

Source: DonanimHaber

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