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Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook will bundle Kindle copies with your physical books at discounted prices

Amazon is launching an interesting new program next month, the Kindle Matchbook, which will offer Kindle copies of purchased printed books at discounted prices.


Basically, when you buy a physical copy of a book, Amazon will offer the eBook version of that book at a lowered price of $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, and even free. What’s great is that the program applies to any book that you bought from the retailer since 1995, the year when it first started selling books.

At launch, the number of titles qualifying for the offer will be limited, at somewhere over 10,000. However, that count should increase exponentially once Amazon is able to get more publishers on board with the program, though it remains to be seen just how many of those publishers would be willing to give away Kindle copies for free.

Kindle Matchbook is an interesting new proposition, and should be a book for those who prefer physical books, yet keep an eBook reader for the times when carrying printed books isn’t an option. Here’s hoping publishers are willing to join hands with Amazon and make Matchbook a success.

Any of you looking forward to the Kindle Matchbook?

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