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Amazon selling zombie survival gear

Amazon, much like the rest of the world, seems worried about a zombie apocalypse, and in order to do their part in our survival, they're now selling gear to help you survive the undead.

Zombies are permeating our pop culture, and we seem obsessed with the idea of the dead waking up to feast on our flesh: Television has The Walking Dead; gaming has Left4Dead;  and now Amazon has Zombie Apocalypse Supplies.


The Zombie Apocalypse Supplies page


The recently opened Amazon page sells everything you'll need to survive in the event of a zombie uprising, listing their product under categories such as "brain protection", "first aid supplies", "cut resistant gloves" and "duct tape". The page also sells costumes, books and movies.

There is no subsection of the amazon page selling zombie themed games however, which at first seems strange, considering that there is quite a large market for them. However, after looking closer at the page, a small logo promoting Call of Duty Black Ops II's zombie mode is lurking at the top of the page. This amazon section is thus likely a promotional stunt.  This doesn't make it any less cool though. My only complaint is that the site seems to be missing an axe-section.

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