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Amazon Germany lists Xbox One at 599 EUR, but is this the console’s official price point?

The recently unveiled Xbox One console, which doesn't have an official price point or release date yet, has popped up on Amazon Germany with a 599 Euro pricing. The price tag is no more than a placeholder, but it could be a hint towards the official one.

Gamers around the world tuned in for Microsoft’s highly anticipated official intro of the Xbox One next-gen console this past Tuesday, but sadly the unveiling event didn’t provide answers to all our questions.

We know the Xbox One packs much zippier hardware than its predecessor, the 360, and it’s pretty obvious that the gizmo is more than a console and it targets to fully control our living rooms. But when will it be released? And more importantly, how will it be priced? Also, does it have what it takes to give Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 a run for its money? Impossible to say at this point.

On the other hand, there are a lot of rumors flowing around on the pricing and release date, with a little nugget significantly adding to the tension today. Are you ready for this? Amazon Germany is currently listing the Xbox One on its website, and, unlike the US branch, there’s a price tag to go with it – €599.

But hold the phone and don’t start cursing Microsoft’s insatiable thirst for profits just yet! The price point is very clearly not official and chances are it’s no more than an educated guess on Amazon Germany’s part.

In fact, ze German retailer is even so careful as to cover its bases and put us at ease (for now), by posting a disclaimer below the specs rundown. After using Google Translate, I’m fairly certain the message roughly stresses the fact this is not Xbox One’s official price, but simply a placeholder. Phew, right?

Then again, it’s unlikely Amazon got that number out of thin air. Official or unofficial, €599 is based on something, meaning there’s a chance the Xbox One will go for 600 bucks in the US once it’s released.

But would that be so much to ask for essentially an all-purpose entertainment device with a customized APU featuring an 8-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, plus a 500 GB HDD, a Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive and bundled Kinect sensor? In short, yes. I’m sorry, Microsoft, but if you sell this for a buck over $500, it’s going to be a massive flop. You might even want to go as low as $450. Who’s with me?

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