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Amazon doesn’t want to play with ‘Fire’ anymore, ‘curtails’ hardware projects

Disheartened by the catastrophic Fire Phone bust, the e-tail specialist may have abandoned its previously confirmed sequel, as well as several other consumer devices.

Fire Phone

It’s not easy to determine the exact financial losses of Amazon caused by no doubt costly Fire Phone R&D, and the 3D handheld’s innate inability to sell, no matter how low the asking price. One thing’s for sure – we’re talking a lot of money down the drain. As in, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even the world’s most profitable company would think twice about investing more time and moolah in an industry segment that might be compromised for good. And apparently, that’s exactly what Jeff Bezos is doing, according to “people familiar with the mater” consulted by the Wall Street Journal.

It’s possible the Fire Phone 2 was canceled forever, or merely shelved indefinitely. But we’re nearly certain engineers who worked on the blundering original were laid off. And with them, a series of bold risky hardware ventures may have been scrapped.

Fire tablets

A “smart stylus” called Nitro, a “Shimmer” projector, and yes, even a 14-inch Project Cairo tablet are reportedly in limbo. They could ultimately materialize, in one form or another, but probably not very soon.

What about smaller gambles, like sequels to the established Fire HD 6, HD 7 and HDX 8.9 slates? Your guess is as good as ours, given WSJ has no dirt on them, although the publication does claim a glasses-free 3D tab is still in development. More gimmicks?

Hopefully not, and hopefully, Amazon is wise enough to enable microSD storage expansion this time around, as well as perhaps stop skinning Android software so aggressively. Oh, yeah, and a Kabinet “high-end computer for the kitchen” might also take shape before long. Guess old habits indeed die hard, and once a risk-taker, always a risk-taker.

Source: The Verge

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