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Amazon Alexa for Hospitality: The Smart Hotel of The Future Is Here

Amazon has announced a new version of its Echo smart home assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, targetted at hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry. With features on board specifically intended for businesses in the hospitality sector, Alexa for Hospitality pushes the envelope for posibilities in service standards in the industry.

For guests who have Alexa Echo set up at home, Alexa for Hospitality allows them to temporarily set up their own Amazon account for the duration of their stay. This will allow them access to music and other content on their accounts in their room.

The voice assistant enables many creature comforts available in your smart home. You could control the lights, temperature and the television while snug and under the sheets. The Alexa for Hospitality also allows guests to access information like flight timings, or ask for information about the area.

Apart from reducing the workload of frontline staff at hotels, the Alexa for Hospitality also ensures that guests receive prompt responses to their queries and requests. Image: Amazon

Specifically, the Alexa for Hospitality also allows for hotels to integrate room service and other features to enhance guest experience for the better.

But the reception isn’t entirely rosy. Amazon’s announcement of the Alexa for Hospitality comes just a week after the company confirmed a breach of privacy after an Echo device sent a private conversation to a user’s contact without being asked to do so.

However, a physical mute button exists on all of Amazon’s smart devices, and if you’re paranoid enough, users can easily pull the plug on the device.

While the company assures that while voice recordings will not be made available to hoteliers and hosts, they are still able to access analytics to engagement and satisfaction data.

As essential as the services the Alexa for Hospitality provides to guests is the data it provides to hoteliers for service improvements and internal appraisals. Image: Amazon

Major hotel chains like Mariott, Westin and St. Regis will be amongst the first adopters of this product.

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