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Amazon acquires Twitch.tv, kicking Google in the gut

Amazon has announced today that it will acquire Twitch.tv for $970 million in cash.  Although prior speculations had the popular streaming platform merging with Google, it appears Twitch executives decided it was best for their community to join up with Amazon instead.

“We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster,” said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear.  “We’re keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon’s support we’ll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.”


Amazon chief Jeff Bezos certainly seems excited about the acquisition, pointing out that millions of people around the world tune into billions of Twitch minutes each month.  What’s even more amazing, according to Bezos, is that it took Twitch just three years to grow into the behemoth that it is now.

Twitch has become a stepping stone for many basement video-game streaming studios, and if promises of all else unchanging—aside from the hefty backing of an Internet giant, the platform might be able to support more aspiring ‘pro gamers.’

Originally dubbed Justin.tv, Twitch.tv drew in PC gamers, and not long thereafter the console scene.  Many major pro gaming tournaments and organizations have also switched to Twitch’s broadcasting platform—a move which many may see as a kick in the gut to sites like Google’s YouTube.

Government approval of the acquisition is still pending, but it’s likely that Amazon will soon officially have a powerful twitch muscle installed into its already hideously powerful frame.

Source: twitch.tv, amazon.com

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