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Alleged iPhone 5S logic board spotted without a CPU

It isn’t unusual for a variety of purported component pictures believed to be of a future Apple product to pop up online. This has been the case in recent years with almost every Apple device. Now a photo of an alleged iPhone 5S logic board has been posted online.


In comparison with the iPhone 5 logic board, the purported iPhone 5S component shows off a different screw placement. The space where the CPU should be present is empty, but apart from that this particular component looks almost identical to its predecessor. It houses the A6 CPU, and the space for the processor is just about the same on this alleged iPhone 5S logic board.

While you might be wondering what an internal component can tell you about Apple’s next generation iPhone, it can actually prove a pretty important point. It has been rumored time and again that iPhone 5S will have design similar to iPhone 5, and that it will not come with any substantial hardware changes that would effect the design. This can also be a hint that Apple won’t debut its A7 CPU until 2014, considering how the space for the CPU is similar on both logic boards. This means that Apple will retain the 32 nano-meter chip building process that it has used for A6 and A6X CPUs for iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

A number of other purported iPhone 5S components have previously leaked as well, these include home button, nano SIM tray, volume rocker and more. Do keep in mind that these parts may or may not be for Apple’s next generation iPhone, so its a bit too soon to form a notion of what iPhone 5S is going to be. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone in September.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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