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Alleged iPad 5 components show up in thorough hands-on video, get pitted against iPad 4

Following a bundle of iPhone 5C and 5S leaks, which essentially don’t leave anything of importance uncovered ahead of their September 10 unveilings, it’s only natural to turn our attention back to the upcoming iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

iPad 5

Unlikely to see daylight next week and tipped to headline their own show later this year, the two new tablets have been spied on a couple of times before, but the magnitude of their leaks has been considerably inferior to those starring the iPhone duo.

Still, everybody’s go-to source for spills of Apple information, notorious insider Sonny Dickson, has been able to get his grubby hands on a couple of purported iPad 5 components (namely the front panel and rear housing), which of course he’s photographed for our viewing pleasure.

But apparently he hasn’t stopped there, lending them to a well-known YouTube user, which in turn has put together a nifty and pretty exhaustive comparison between them and the iPad 4. Obviously, as iPad 5’s internals are still missing, the versus video is lacking in certain ways, but as far as the outer design goes, it’s as thorough as they come.

iPad 5-2

Now, what exactly is different and what’s the same? You all know Apple as an extremely conservative company when it comes to the looks of its devices, so you shouldn’t be so shocked to notice the iPad 5 is not quite a major overhaul compared with its predecessor.

But it’s not an exact copy either, being noticeably narrower (15 mm, or 0.6 inches), rocking much slimmer bezels and an overall smaller form factor that allows it to be significantly easier to hold and use with one (larger than average) hand.

Though pretty close in thickness to the iPad 4, the fifth-gen 9.7-incher is expected to be lighter and it also appears to be a tad boxier, with very sharp edges. The speakers and volume button layout are changed as well and on the whole you can say the iPad 5 highly resembles the iPad Mini. Save for the display size, naturally. And provided these are indeed legit components of the thing. By the by, do you think they are?

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