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Alleged Huawei Nexus (2016) spy shots leaked online

Huawei Nexus 2016 leak 1

Alleged spy shots showing what is claimed to be the 2016 Nexus smartphone from Huawei have cropped up online today.

So far, we were expecting to see two new Nexus smartphones this year, both manufactured by HTC. However, according to the source of these images, the device seen in these pictures will be the one to succeed the Google Nexus 6P. It apparently carries the code H1621+ H1622, which sounds similar to the H1511 + H1512 code for the Huawei-made Nexus 6P from last year.

While there is no word on the specs yet, the source did say that the device packs a 3100mAh capacity battery and a fingerprint sensor. If true, this is definitely disappointing as the Nexus 6P features a larger 3450mAh capacity and still doesn’t impress all the much in terms of battery life.

If these pics are indeed the real deal, we may be looking at three new Google Nexus handsets this year.

Via: PhoneArena

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