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Alleged 2017 Moto roadmap leaks online


The folks over at HellomotoHK have apparently accessed an internal Moto roadmap for 2017, revealing the names of all the major smartphones that Motorola will be releasing next year.

According to the new report, most of the models that will be launched next year are going to be designed and developed by the Lenovo team. The Motorola team is going to focus entirely only on the Moto Z and Moto G smartphones.  Motorola has managed to impress with its 2016 Moto Z family, so we definitely have high expectations from the Moto Z family for next year. The Moto X line is tipped to be making a return next year, but the device (or devices) under the Moto X line will be designed and engineered by the Lenovo team and not Motorola. The recently unveiled Moto M too is designed and developed by Lenovo, so you should have a good idea of what to expect from the Moto X next year.

In fact, if a recent Campaign Asia report is to be believed, Lenovo will soon use the “Moto” branding on all its devices. Yes, that means we won’t be seeing the “Lenovo” branding on any future smartphone. Currently, Lenovo uses its own name only on lower end handsets, while most of its mid-range and high-end models use the “Moto” branding.

The complete 2017 Moto lineup allegedly includes the following models:

  • Moto Z – Motorola
  • Moto X- Lenovo
  • Moto M- Lenovo
  • Moto G- Motorola/Lenovo
  • Moto E- Lenovo/ODM
  • Moto C- Lenovo/ODM

Source: HelloMotoHK


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