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All hope is lost: Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also lacks microSD

This should teach you once and for all to never trust “covert” photoshoots of unannounced gadgets.

Galaxy Note 5 Duos

A new day, new evidence Samsung dropped the ball with the Galaxy Note 5. It’s as if the Korea-based tech titan is intentionally looking to sabotage four years of hard, thoughtful, trend-setting work. First, they killed the removable battery.

Then, they left out the microSD card slot. Strike three – for reasons that haven’t been explained yet, the entire old continent is snubbed from the S Pen-capable phablet’s “world” tour. The rules of the game are somewhat different when you’re the champion, so anyone who might have decided to give the GNote 5 another chance or two will be angered to hear there’s no 128GB configuration in sight.

Note 5 Duos

And the final nail in the proverbial coffin is inserted by an Asian-targeted dual SIM version sans storage expansion support. Yes, it seems someone doctored those pics from last week that clearly showed the secondary SIM slot as suited for alternative microSD holding in need.

New photos prove that was a hoax, and this time, they star a device officially released and already up for pre-orders in the Philippines. Any chances maybe other markets will get a digital hoarding-friendly Galaxy Note 5 Duos down the line? Of course, but they’re slim.

As slim as the odds of North America ultimately being treated to 128GB Note 5 and S6 Edge+ models. Sorry, on-the-go movie collectors, shutterbugs and general pack rats, you’ll have to make do with 64 gigs of space, tops. Plus, whatever the cloud provides nowadays sans hefty charges.

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