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It’s alive: debut Tizen-running Samsung phone set for Indian launch in November

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the infinite due dates rumored for Samsung’s elusive rookie Tizen smartphone effort, but if anyone’s still interested, there’s a new deadline floating around: November.

Samsung Tizen

You must really hate the Android-iOS mobile platform duopoly and Windows Phone’s inability to move forward to be intrigued by Tizen nearly three years after the software piece’s initial release.

Once supported by Samsung, Intel, Huawei, Panasonic, Sprint, SK Telecom and NTT DoCoMo, to only name a few, and used by its main founding father as a Google boogeyman time and time again, Tizen has got really old of late.

Pretty much no one believes it to be a viable Android alternative anymore, its patrons included, yet once every few months, speculation is thrown back on the table out of nowhere. Today, a senior Samsung executive is responsible for offering Tizen a resurgence into the limelight, namely Tarun Malik.

Malik is the director and head of Samsung’s South West Asia Media Solutions Center & Cloud Services, so you’d think he knows what he’s talking about when claiming the first Tizen-based handheld will be introduced in November in the Indian market and “coexist with Android devices”.

Samsung Tizen phone

Right, only let’s rewind to last year, when DoCoMo went on record to confirm a fall 2013 Tizen launch. And then look back to last October, and this January, both instances marking last-minute “setbacks” for the project and indefinite “delays”. Not so sure whether to trust Malik or not, eh?

Of course, between January and today, the Linux kernel-based initiative did advance a step or two, finding its way inside the Gear 2, Galaxy Gear (via an OTA update), and Gear S smartwatches. So maybe, just maybe Samsung finally feels confident enough to backstab Google.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re being dramatic, especially as this alleged Indian push suggests Tizen flagship handsets are a little ways down the road. That said, would anyone in the region be interested in a low-cost, say, sub-$200 phone built on the platform? No? I wonder why

Source: The Economic Times

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