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Alchema: Brew Goodness Right in Your Home

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Alchema. An all-in-one compact brewing system which can create craft ciders, meads and wine – in the convenience of your home. Doing away with the complex fermentation process during brewing, Alchema redefines home brewing by leveraging on Smart technology.

Image Credit: Alchema
Image Credit: Alchema

This is a no hassle, self-contained machine which allows you to pick and choose your favourite fruits, and turn them into your choice of elixir any time you want in 3 steps. Access Alchema’s companion mobile application to pick a recipe, add desired ingredients and yeast pack into the machine and all you have left to do is wait!

Leveraging on technology, it is built with air pressure sensors, UV-C LED sanitation lights, weighing scale and is connected via Wi-Fi. This means whenever you add in your ingredients or start a brew, its weight and status will be reflected on its application. Each batch gets you 2.4L of liquid goodness, and the brew time depends on what elixir you are after.

Image Credit: Alchema
Image Credit: Alchema

The brains behind the Alchema is really its companion mobile application, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It gives you access to a library of step-by-step recipes, options to create your own, status of your brew and alerts you when your brew is done. Included in the Alchema is 3 packets of yeast, each for a different type of pour. 1 for sparkling cider, fruitier concoctions and the last one for strong brews of up to 14% ABV.

Although one might say that devices like this, might kill the ol’skool methods of brewing or have traditionalist crying in vain, Alchema really does simplify brewing. No troublesome barrels that take up space, difficult to procure ingredients or constant checking. The Alchema solves most pain points of anyone who wishes to  try their hand at home brewing.

Image Credit: Alchema
Image Credit: Alchema

Availability and Price

Already fully funded, the Alchema has most of its early bird pledge sold out. Next pledge in line retails for SG$483 (US$359) and 1 Alchema machine and 3 yeast packets (enough for 3 batches). If you are looking to get more yeast packets, just pledge an additional SG$5 (US$$4) for 3 packets.

Sadly it only ships to 3 countries, United States, Taiwan and Canada, so you might need to tap on third party courier services to help you get this baby to Singapore. Shipping is free, except for Canada, a fee of SG$67 (US$50) is charged. All orders look to be fulfilled by July 2017.

Alchema GIF 2
Image Credit: Alchema


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