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Alcatel’s cross-platform, stylish Watch is available now for just $150

That’s less than half the starting price of an Apple Watch Sport, and yet the design and advertised battery life are the textbook definition of premium.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Pining for a longer-lasting, cheaper “iWatch” alternative with handsome looks and both iOS and Android support? You could wait for Pebble’s next-gen Time and Time Steel, or jump on the Alcatel OneTouch Watch bandwagon before all the early pre-order seats are taken.

It goes without saying this low-profile France-based telecommunications player can never match Pebble’s smartwatch expertise and mainstream appeal. But for a market rookie, they’re sure playing their cards right, pricing the OT Watch even more “competitively” than the entry-level new Pebble on Kickstarter.

And when you consider that crowdfunding campaign has wrapped up, and the Time Steel will cost $299 on full retail, the $150 charged by Alcatel is beginning to feel like an absolute steal.

Of course, in their quest for cross-platform compatibility, the timepiece’s makers had to sacrifice productivity. We’re yet to see the on-board proprietary OS fully detailed or demoed, but it’s safe to assume it’s not as fancy or complex as Android Wear.

Alcatel Watch

On the plus side, the Alcatel Watch is sure pretty, with a circular body, slim bezels and all-around retro vibe, and IP67 certification guarantees you’re protected against water immersion and dust contact. The 1.2-inch 240 x 204 pix res screen is a great compromise between quality and frugality, while Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC headline the connectivity feature list.

Then you have essentially all your standard health tracking functions and sensors, including a heart rate monitor, and “2-5 days” autonomy. That’s right, days. Granted, real-life stamina may still go well the minimum touted point if you insist on always checking notifications and whatnot, but overall, we hope, nay believe battery life here will at the very least match Apple Watch’s numbers.

Synchable to Android 4.3, iPhone 4S and newer devices, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is without an exact release date. It can’t be long now though.

Source: PR Newswire

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