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Alcatel strikes unexpected T-Mobile partnership, brings One Touch Fierce and Evolve on the network

Despite making great strides of late in Asia and Europe and even a few waves in America with dirt-cheap yet feature-packed unlocked smartphones, not many expected Alcatel to get noticed by the major carriers stateside.

Alcatel T-Mobile

But you can color me surprised (or downright wrong), as T-Mobile has earlier today announced it will be carrying two Alcatel handhelds starting October 5. Sadly (or maybe not), there’s nothing remarkable about the spec sheets of the One Touch Fierce (great name, though) and OT Evolve, both of which look like major downgrades compared with the Idol S and Idol X.

So why is Alcatel even bothering with the T-Mo-bound duo? Simple, both the Fierce and Evolve will be scandalously cheap, so don’t act surprised if they’ll rise to blockbusting fame by the end of the next month.

Alcatel Fierce

The more impressive fellow, the one cheekily dubbed Fierce, goes for $19.99 upfront, plus 24 monthly payments of $6 each, which comes to a total of 164 bucks, whereas the Evolve costs a slightly higher $27.99 down, but only requires $3 installments spread across two years, so the grand total is a measly $100.

Once again, the specs are fairly modest, albeit the OT Fierce does run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out the box (whaaat?). The 4.5-inch screen is not that bad either, in spite of somewhat underwhelming 960 x 540 pixels resolution. And while the 1.2 GHz MediaTek MT6589 SoC is barely zippier than some dual-cores around, it is technically a quad-core unit, which makes it easier for you to brag with the phone’s unbeatable bang for buck factor.

Alcatel Evolve

Meanwhile, the Evolve has but one ace up its sleeve, pre-loaded Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with everything else, from 1 GHz chip to 4-inch 400 x 800 pix res screen and 512 MB of RAM, being, well, a blast from a rather distant past. Then again, it’s 100 clams and you don’t even have to cough them up all at once.

Source: Alcatel PR

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