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Alcatel One Touch’s plan to conquer the mobile world

VR-Zone sits down with TCL Corporation’s APAC marketing boss Albert Wong in the company’s hometown of Huizhou, China to talk about the mobile maker’s push for dominance.


Alcatel One Touch is making a big push in the smartphone market. Fresh off the launch of the Idol S and Idol Mini, the company is hungry for more of the market.

Albert Wong is the guy in charge of marketing Alcatel One Touch’s phones to the growing Asia Pacific market. Wong looks youthful for someone in his early forties and brings 15 years of experience in the industry — 8 of which are at Alcatel One Touch — in Hong Kong, Canada and China.

VR-Zone: Where is Alcatel One Touch focusing, and what products is the company looking to highlight?

In the Asia Pacific market we cover 8 countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In many of these markets, we recently launched the very same devices we have in China or Europe, such as the One Touch Idol, One Touch Idol Ultra, One Touch Scribe and One Touch Scribe Easy. More products are on the way.

Of these markets Singapore, home to your VR-Zone, is the premium market where we’re planning to make a big entry, while neighboring Malaysia is already one of our top markets in all the product classes we cover.

VRZ: What’s Alcatel One Touch’s strategy? Going for the high-end or midrange?

Consumer behaviour across the APAC region, like anywhere else, nowadays reflects a higher expectation on high-end smartphones keeping the price competitive while maintaining a full feature set.

The market for mid to low end smartphones are at the same time is very competitive.

In that sense, to answer your question, we provide the best possible middle class smartphones, but also gun for the high end in the spaces where we feel we can provide a top end opportunity.

VRZ: What are your thoughts on the opportunities the growing phablet market presents?

Well, phablets are one of those unique high end spaces where we feel we may have good value offerings. It is becoming a trend, particularly among female users in the region. Due to the larger format, there’s still opportunity to squeeze more special features, both in terms of power, performance, display and unique interfaces into the phablet high end products.

Right now we have both mid-high end and middle class phablet offerings: Scribe HD and Scribe Easy, and next month we will launch another full HD model with even higher specs that just started selling in China under the TCL brand.

VRZ: Thanks for your time. 

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