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Albino CM Storm Trooper Launched as CM Storm Stryker

On several recent occassions, we've spotted a white, windowed variant of CM Storm Trooper, about which the company's reps had been evasive, even avoiding calling it a "white Trooper". It turns out, that CM Storm had plans to carve out a different model, with a couple of changes to the original Trooper design. Enter CM Storm Stryker. 

To every Star Wars nerd and sci-fi buff walking the face of the Earth, the term "stormtrooper" would ring bells, as being the white and black (but mostly white) armor-clad soldiers of the Empire. Cooler Master's gaming brand CM Storm may have gotten precariously close to getting into trouble with 20th Century Fox with its CM Storm Trooper ATX full-tower case. Had CM Storm ventured into making the case you see below, with the "CM Storm Trooper" name, it could have ruffled some feathers in Hollywood, especially given how Star Wars continues to be a cash-cow for merchandise makers. 

Cooler Master designed the "new" CM Storm Stryker by whitewashing the CM Storm Trooper, and giving it a windowed side-panel. The company started selling the side-panel separately for owners of the Trooper, for US $20, and even carved out a new variant of the Trooper that comes with it, instead of the original, with large fan vents covered with lavish use of mesh. The white color and side panel really are the only two things that set the Stryker apart from the Trooper.

Measuring 250 x 605.6 x 578.5 mm (WxHxD),  the Stryker is an ATX full-tower made primarily of SECC/steel. It is big enough to accommodate motherboards in the XL-ATX form-factor, with as many as 9 expansion card slot bays. Its interiors are as white as most of its exteriors, it uses dashes of black at the right places to contrast (its perforated metal front consisting of drive bays and air intakes, a handle for LAN party-animals, meshes on the sides, and subtle aesthetic touches). Black is also used to good effect in the interiors, with the cable valves, and expansion slot covers. 

The drive bay composition in the Stryker is completely flexible, with up to nine 5.25-inch exposed bays, up to eight 3.5-inch bays (divided into two 4-bay cages, which occupy three 5.25-inch bays each), up to thirteen 2.5-inch bays (converted from the two 3.5-inch cages), and a fixed hot-swap 2.5-inch SATA HDD/SSD slot-in bay near the front-panel, called X-Dock. The motherboard tray has plenty of valved holes for cable-management, and a hole at the CPU socket area (for easy management of coolers with back-plates). 

The Stryker's front-panel, apart from the X-Dock, includes two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HD audio front-panel jacks, and an eSATA port. The front-panel is crowned with a rubberized handle, which makes carrying the case around easy. 

Like most Cooler Master cases, cooling and ventilation is aplenty, with the Stryker. The case comes with provision for 120 mm two front-intake fans, provision for fans on the two 3.5-inch drive cages, a 200 mm fan on top (with detachable dust filter), a couple of 120 mm intakes on the bottom, and a 140 mm rear exhaust fan. It ships with two 120 mm front fans (white LED, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA), top 200 mm (1000 RPM, 23 dBA), and rear 140 mm (1200 RPM, 19 dBA). 

Available now, the albino CM Storm Trooper CM Storm Stryker is priced at 133 Euros (S$213). 

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