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Albatron GeForce PCX 5750 Review

Albatron is one of the first manufacturers to put their mid-ranged PCI Express graphics card on the market. Does the PCX 5750 have what it takes to stand up to the Radeon X600 XT? Come and take a look.


With the launch of Intel’s 925 and 915 chipsets earlier this year, the blue print for the future of the computer industry was set. With these new chipsets, Intel released the first motherboards that feature PCI Express and DDR2 support, the two memory and bus standards that have already been touted as the basis of computers for the next 10 years.

DDR2 is already widely available from almost every memory manufacturer in the industry, but PCI Express graphics cards have been a little harder to come by. The only cards that are in the retail sector are mid-ranged solutions from both NVIDIA and ATI, and they are essentially the two graphic giant’s budget cards of 2003. For those that have followed the graphics card industry over the last few years, you know that ATI’s R3XX architecture reigned supreme in almost every market over NVIDIA’s NV3X based graphics cards.

The high-end was controlled by the Radeon 9800 series, mid-range by the Radeon 9600 series, and low end by the Radeon 9200 series. We saw NVIDIA cards run relatively well in Direct X 8.1 based games, but then run into problems running games based on the Direct X 9.0 API. Since mid-ranged PCI Express cards are the first to market from both companies, today we’ll be taking a look at an NVIDIA based offering from Albatron, the Albatron Trinity PCX 5750.

Many of you know Albatron as having some of the most overclockable cards on the market, with hit products like the GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Medusa and their FX5900XT Turbo, the company has seen a lot of success in the mid-ranged markets. The PCX 5750 GPU is essentially just a PCI Express based GeForce FX 5700 Ultra, so it will be very interesting to see the card side by side with a Radeon X600 XT, a card based on the Radeon 9600XT core.

So how does Albatron’s PCX 5750 graphics card do? Let’s take a closer look…


GeForce PCX 5750
Processing Technology
130 nanometers
GPU Speed
Memory Speed
Memory/Core Interface
Pixel Pipelines
PCI Express x16
Direct X 3D Hardware
Full Direct X 9 support
Output Options
DVI / S-Video/ VGA
Maximum Resolution
2048×1536 @ 85Hz


Package Contents:

•User Manual
•Drivers Disk
•Game Demo Disk
•Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

•DVI to VGA Adapter
•S-Video to RCA Adapter

The Albatron PCX 5750 has one of the most basic bundles I’ve ever seen. No S-Video or RCA cables are included, with Albatron putting only the most basic necessities inside the box.

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