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Albatron GeForce 6600GT PCIe Review

From first glance, you can already tell that Albatron is not using reference design on their PC6600GT. They’ve built their card on their custom turquoise colored PCB and have included a new heatsink fan design as well as ramsinks on the card.

Since the GeForce 6600GT uses the more expensive DDR3 memory, Albatron, like most add-in board manufacturers, only uses 128MB of the expensive memory on the card. This allows all four memory chips to be put on the card’s front side and gives the memory extra cooling from the exhaust air of the 6600GT’s heatsink fan. Notice that Albatron is one of the only add-in board manufacturers to include ramsinks on their card’s memory, hopefully allowing for an even higher memory overclock.

The PC6600GT is of course "SLI Ready" with the SLI connector on the top of the card as seen in the picture above.

A nice thing about the PC6600GT is the fact that the card doesn’t require an external power source, as you can see from the shot of the back-end of the card. The PC6600GT is priced below $ 200, around $ 194 shipped at sites like Newegg and can be bought now from most online retailers.

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