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Albatron @ Computex 2007

Albatron to showcase Small-Board HTPCs, MXM, Intel® 3 Series M/Bs and DirectX10
VGA Cards Nano-Abox and Mini-ITX Mainboards to showcase HTPC and Home Server
capabilities at Computex 2007.

Albatron to showcase Small-Board HTPCs, MXM, Intel® 3 Series M/Bs and DirectX10
VGA Cards Nano-Abox and Mini-ITX Mainboards to showcase HTPC and Home Server
capabilities at Computex 2007!

Once again, momentum is building up at Albatron in preparation for one of the
top 3 computer exhibitions in the world, Computex 2007. This year, Albatron has
big plans on showcasing many new products including small form factor HTPC
Mainboards, Intel® 3 Series Mainboards, a full line of DirectX®10 VGA cards and
the “Perfect SLI” Enthusiast Mainboard.

Small Form Factor HTPC Mainboards Rule! KI690-AM2, KI690-S1, KD690-AM2

As the HTPC (Home Theatre PC) movement takes off, Albatron is gearing up to
provide the market with non-invasive, small form factor Mainboards that fit
perfectly into a home PC and deliver all the performance you need for all of
your HTCP multimedia needs. With both Intel and AMD throwing their support
behind Mini-ITX and Mini-DTX respectively, Albatron is taking the opportunity to
capitalize on its expertise in small form factor systems to produce versatile
and powerful multimedia mainboards for the home.

The KI690-AM2 was first announced just before CeBIT 2007 with Albatron gearing
up for full production in June ’07. This board is being touted as the most
powerful Mini-ITX Mainboard on the market and has won acclaim from AMD, as the
only Mini-ITX to use AMD’s powerful 690g chipset. This diminutive Mini-ITX
mainboard is no bigger than your outstretched hand (17x17cm) but brims with
power, versatility and capability. It supports AMD’s most powerful processors
including the Athlon 64 x2. It also boasts ferocious performance with
HyperTransportTM technology supported by 2 GB of Dual Channel DDR II memory
using two SO-DIMMs. It also comes with one of the market’s most powerfully
integrated graphics engine. Also, SATA II with RAID and GBit LAN will allow
users nonstop surfing and downloading. This board is also very well connected
with 8 possible USB ports, IEEE1394 and even an HDMI connector.

The KI690-SI is also another Mini-ITX board with features almost identical to
the versatile KI690-AM2. The KI690-S1, however, can employ AMD’s Turion 64 X2 or
Turion 64 processor allowing for extreme lower power consumption and quieter
systems (less powerful fans needed).

The KD690-AM2 uses AMD’s recent Mini-DTX form factor which is slightly larger
than the Mini-ITX at 20x17cm allowing it to have 2 expansion slots (PCIe x1 &
standard PCI) as opposed to the single slot provided by the KI690-AM2 and
KI690-S1. The KD690-AM2 is otherwise identical to the KI690-AM2.

Come visit the Albatron showroom as we demo the KI690-AM2’s full potential as a
Home PC Server delivering robust data security, full connectivity and multimedia

The “Perfect SLI” Enthusiast Mainboard: 680i-SLI

Albatron and NVIDIA® have joined forces to produce the “Perfect SLI Mainboard”.
The 680i SLI Mainboard is a high precision dual VGA Mainboard that is detailed
and streamlined for enthusiast graphics and gaming. The 680i SLI uses the
powerful nForce 680i SLI chipset and is capable of taking on Intel’s top CPUs
including the Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme. It is also optimized
for ultra-extreme graphics with three available PCIe x16 slots. It also support
the latest dual-channel DDR II memory specification called EPP (Enhanced
Performance Profiles) that can increase memory performance significantly. The
680i SLI also comes with dual Gbit LAN connectors that support a new technology
called LinkBoost, designed to increase networking performance efficiency.
Finally, the designers of the 680i SLI have also put considerable effort into
dissipating heat from the Northbridge/Southbridge chipsets using a smart
combination of heat sinks, metal fins and heatpipe technology.

DirectX 10 MXM Module, VGA card the size of the palm of your hand!

Albatron is debuting its second generation MXM module for small form factor
systems. This incredible marvel is a VGA module smaller than the palm of your
hand at 73mm x 78mm and boasts NVIDIA’s latest 8 series graphics technologies
including Direct X10 and Shader Model 4.0 support. This module fits onto an MXM
connector on a Mainboard and can lie parallel to the board – it is especially
designed for tight fits in small cases.

Intel 3 Series – PXP35, PXG33

Intel is stepping up their technology with its 3 Series chipsets and Albatron is
on track to turn out several new mainboards based on these exciting new

The PXP35 is based on the combination of the Intel® CoreTM 2 processor family
and Intel® P35 Express Chipset which deliver advanced features that bring higher
grades of audio, content protection, and system performance for a more exciting

The PXG33 is based on the Intel® CoreTM 2 processor family and Intel® G33
Express Chipset with integrated graphics that deliver advanced features bringing
together superb video, graphics, audio, and system performance in a fully
scalable solution. This platform delivers Intel’s multi-core technology, video
playback, 3D gaming effects, theatre-quality sound, robust content protection,
and quicker system responsiveness to power your digital home.

The DirectX10 revolution is now complete! Mainstream 8600GTS, 8600GT, 8500GT

The news is out that the DirectX 10 revolution is complete with Albatron now
supplying the largest VGA market segment, mainstream users, with DirectX10 VGA
cards. The 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and the 8500 GT provide a range of affordable VGA
cards all employing NVIDIA’s powerful graphics technology including support for
DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0. The timing is most auspicious as DirectX 10
games are on the verge of spilling into the market taking advantage of increased
memory utilization, 3D rendering performance, and pipeline efficiency. These
three cards complement the original enthusiast cards (8800GTX, 8800GTS) which
hit the market in late 2006 and still are considered the performance leaders in
DirectX 10 VGA cards.

Albatron aims for a really big show.

Computex remains one of the world’s largest computer conventions and Albatron,
as always, plans on taking advantage of its proximity to deliver its full force
of new technologies and innovations. Albatron will be located in its familiar
showroom at Hall 4 (TICC) #103. Computex 2007 runs from June 5th to June 9th.

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