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Akasa Euler ST is the first case designed for Intel’s upcoming mini-STX platform


Akasa introduced the first case for the upcoming mini-STX form factor, the Euler ST. The platform is designated for 5-inch by 5-inch motherboards, which can accommodate Skylake-based CPUs on the H110 chipset. The form factor is slightly larger than Intel’s NUC, with the main difference being the ability to run more powerful hardware through an LGA socket.

Akasa’s chassis has cutouts for mini-STX boards, as well as room for storage devices. The chassis can handle CPUs with a TDP of up to 35W, with the mini-STX platform itself going all the way up to 65W. The 35W threshold would still be more than plenty for the Euler ST’s targeted use cases, which is digital signage boards, or in the education sector.


akasa 2

As for the boards, ASRock has already showcased 5×5 motherboards earlier at CES, offering DDR4 slots for up to 32GB of memory, M.2 storage, as well as Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity. It doesn’t look like the boards will be available to end-users, as ASRock will likely target B2B customers with the platform.

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