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Ainol Novo 10 Eternal sports modest 10-inch screen, costs $220, promises 15-hour battery life

Are you frustrated with how fast mainstream tablets run out of juice? Want to go on a long trip, take your 10-incher with you and forget about chargers? Long battery life, up to date software and multitasking are the only things you seek in a tab? Then meet the Ainol Novo 10 Eternal.


This big guy might not last you an eternity (well, in the dictionary sense anyway), but it should be pretty darn close, as it packs a ginormous 11,000 mAh battery. Ainol says that will give you 15 hours of uninterrupted use and, while I would usually be skeptical towards such bold OEM claims, in this particular case it sounds legit.

After all, 11,000 mAh is 2,000 mAh more than Google Nexus 10’s already whopping battery. Plus, the Ainol Novo 10 Eternal sports a sub-par display, with just 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution, which is actually a good thing from this standpoint, as it eases the battery pressures.

Oh yeah, and Novo 10 Eternal’s processor is not a power-torturer either, being clocked at 1 GHz, featuring four cores and being developed by ATM (Actions Semiconductor) on a Cortex A9 architecture.


On the flipside, do keep in mind that in terms of raw speed, display brightness or color reproduction, all that means the Novo 10 Eternal is mediocre. Like I said, the battery is just one of the tab’s few strong points, along with the running of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the 2 gigs of RAM packed under the hood.

The rest of the features are run of the mill at best, including things like 2 MP/0.3 MP cameras, 16 GB of internal storage space, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There’s no GPS support, while in terms of design the tablet doesn’t look very bad, tacky or bulky, which is pretty odd considering the battery size.

Finally, as far as pricing goes, Ainol looks to have a winner on its hands, as the Novo 10 Eternal sells for $223.99 via websites like GeekBuying. Not bad, eh?

Via [Liliputing]

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