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AFOX leaks news of unreleased NVIDIA GT530 graphics card

If this was an early April Fool's joke, chances are that NVIDIA is not going to be very amused about it. And if it were the real deal, we can see even more reason for NVIDIA to initiate 'panic mode' and attempting to cover up the news soon. Apparently, a Hong Kong manufacturer of enthusiast-grade hardware known as AFOX has leaked in spectacular fashion information about an unheard-of GT530 graphics card. Truth or hoax? You decide.

Poor NVIDIA just cannt seem to break away from its recent string of bad luck lately. Barely a few days after news broke about the company's recently launched GTX590 graphics card catching fire and going up in a puff of smoke when using press drivers, up comes another issue for the GPU processor manufacturer's PR team to deal with. 

Apparently, a Hong Kong-based AIC known as AFOX which specializes in enthusiast-grade hardware such as motherboards and graphics cards has gained a large amount of global attention over details of a certain NVIDIA GT530 graphics card posted on its website. Now, this would not have been a problem until one takes into consideration the fact that the GT530 is an unheard-of GPU…until now, that is.

To further rub salt to NVIDIA's wounds, AFOX has also released a detailed list of the GT530's specifications, as shown below:

Needless to say, news of this supposed leak on AFOX's part has gotten the enthusiast community all excited about a potential entry-level GPU from NVIDIA. However, as NVIDIA has not released any official statements confirming or rejecting the existence of such a card, along with the fact that hackers have yet to find any reference to such a card in NVIDIA's driver strings, we'd advise readers to take this information with a pinch of salt until more information is forthcoming.

Source: AFOX

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