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Aeneon DDR2-1066MHz and DDR3-1333MHz 2GB Kits

Aeneon has come up with memory kits that could run high frequencies yet maintaining low Vdimm. Both their DDR2 1066MHz and DDR3 1333MHz kits run at 1.8V and 1.5V respectively, which are also the default voltages. We take them for an overclocking trip to see how much more we could get out of these attractive pairs of memory!

Recently, we have been seeing a steady decline in DDR2 pricing. Gone were the days of mainstream memory going at $ 200 for a 1GB stick enthusiast memory 2GB kits selling at a range of $ 500 to $ 800. Today, we could easily grab a pair of mainstream memory for an absurdly-low price of less than $ 50, and a high-performance 2GB memory kit for no more than $ 300. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see DDR2-800 memory in the average consumer’s PC, or even DDR2-1066 performance kits.

In this review, we will be looking at Aeneon’s latest DDR2 and DDR3 performance kits. They are from Aeneon’s overclocking XTUNE line, the XTUNE DDR2 is clocked at 1066MHz, while the XTUNE DDR3 is clocked at 1333MHz. Not only do the XTUNE memories come with heatspreaders, they offer higher performance at a lower Vdimm than the competition does.

The latest JEDEC specification for DDR2 is 800MHz frequency at an operating voltage of 1.8V. Most of the high performance kits are considered to be overclocked at 1066MHz, with some kits even going past 1100MHz. However, their rated voltage are usually rather high at over 2.0V. With the Aeneon DDR2 kit, 1066MHz is achieved at a JEDEC specification 1.8V. This is the first DDR2 kit that offers such a low voltage at this performance level. Whereas for Aeneon’s DDR3 kit, it is programmed according to the JEDEC DDR3 specifications, offering 8-8-8-15 timings at the default voltage of 1.5V. Let’s move on and see how do these kits fare in overclocking.

Information about Aeneon
Compiled from various sources at www.aeneon.com

Aeneon memory products are offered by Qimonda, one of the world’s leading memory companies for retail and channel markets. They are committed to meet the requirements of distributors, resellers, e-/retailers and system integrators.

Aeneon offers high-quality DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 DRAM modules for desktop and notebook PCs. Renowned for excellence in product quality, high performance and early availability, their products are based on leading-edge German technology and reliability.

To address the needs of both PC system integrators as well as mainstream users looking for performance and quality, they have a comprehensive portfolio of memory products includes DRAM modules for notebooks, PCs and servers as well as Flash based products such as USB sticks, SD cards and microSD cards, .

Aeneon products are 100% tested and certified to meet the latest industry standards. Working closely with top motherboard manufacturers, Aeneon offers high-quality DRAM modules that work excellently with desktop PC and notebook systems, as well as servers.

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