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Adobe’s Digital Assistant Lets You Edits Photos with Voice Commands

Squinting and your screen and frantically trying to edit your photos with your mouse or worse, trackpad is a chore. What if we told you that if you need a selfie with a little more contrast, all you’ve got to do is to speak your mind out loud?

Right now, Adobe is working on a digital assistant that is built such that it understands the “creative workflows and the creative aspirations” of its end users. Think of it as something like Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, just that one it helps with the production of art rather than telling you where to dine and how to get to your favourite restaurant.

When Adobe demonstrated its voice assistant’s capabilities, the demonstration was brief and it didn’t seem very complex. It didn’t require the user to do much other than flip an already edited photo, subsequently cropping it, and lastly, posting it online to Facebook with the user’s voice commands. Nevertheless, Adobe believes that this is a mere first step, and the assistant is set to become more robust in the future.

Right now, we have no clue as to which applications in Adobe’s Creative Suite will receive the voice commands capabilities. It appears as if Adobe is more focused on just using the assistant to editing images, which is not really applicable for other creative programs such as Adobe Premiere for video production or Adobe Audition used primarily for sound editing.

Light applications such as Photoshop Express could benefit from a voice assistant, but more powerful image editing apps such as the desktop version of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign may run into difficulties as we wonder if a voice-powered assistant is really capable of replacing an experienced graphic designer that has all the hotkeys hotwired into their psyche.


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