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Adobe will move creative tools to the cloud, switching to a subsriber-only model

Adobe will completely abandon the traditional sales of boxed goods and rely solely on a digital distribution and subscription model for its creative tools.

The creative software maker announced recently that it will put all of its resources into developing and promoting its Creative Cloud.  According to Adobe, since Creative cloud was launched last year, the company saw tremendous growth, and, therefore, the company’s future is in the cloud. 

Popular digital creativity software such as Photoshop won’t be available as standalone distros for future versions.  Spokesperson for Adobe states that the new route for Adobe emphasizes not only uniformity across the web for creators, but it also lessens the burden of having to develop for multiple versions of the same software.

Photoshop CS6 will still be available, but future iterations of the software will be consolidated into Adobe’s Creative Cloud.  That means the numerical designation of many Adobe software will be gone.  Users who demand the latest and most updated features from Adobe’s software suite will certainly see a benefit in the cloud strategy as all subscribers will have access to new and patched features as they are rolled out.  However, there are also creators and developers that prefer to have standalone distros on their machines.

There are risks to Adobe’s new business model, and only time will tell if its user base will switch to alternative creative tools.  For the time being, however, Adobe will still offer standalone copies of CS6 (no longer in development), but this might not last long.

Source: Techcrunch

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