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Adobe releases Lightroom for iPad

Users will require a subscription to both Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Lightroom 5 in order to use this app just to edit photos on the fly.


Adobe’s Lightroom is now available for the iPad.

The app has been built on a powerful synchronization architecture that is designed specifically for photos. It enables efficient management and editing of images across multiple platforms such as the Web, desktop and mobile. Users can log in with an Adobe ID to access content stored in the Lightroom 5 desktop version. Since Smart Previews of files from the desktop app are offered, this enables the app to allow for swift content transfers between the two form factors.

An ongoing internet connection is necessary for smart previews so that users don’t have to download large image files on the iPad. Though they will have the option to download images from the desktop counter should they need to be saved on the iPad for offline editing. Lightroom on mobile and desktop pretty much offers the same functionality. Users get basic tools like crop and rotate, several adjustment tools for altering shadows, contract, clarity and more, desktop presents, as well as access to metadata. To view the before and after view when editing a photo, users simply need to do a three finger tap on the display.

Keep in mind though that the mobile app has not been designed to replace Lightroom for desktop, which offers advanced editing options. Adobe positions this app has a mobile solution that allows users to make quick yet powerful edits to photos without having to find the nearest desktop. Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPad is available as a free download from the App Store.

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