Adobe Max 2020

It’s no holds barred at Adobe Max 2020, with updates across its many platforms. With this unique circumstances this COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve made their annual extravaganza free-for-all online via livestream, in line with their theme: “Creativity for All”.

With remote working needs at the forefront this year, Adobe Max 2020 centred on features to accelerate collaboration, in addition to sweeping improvements to the capabilities of its Creative Cloudy suite. There’s 

Fresco on iPhone 

Bringing 2019’s iPad drawing experience on to iPhone, Adobe Fresco makes a a debut on iPhone to feature finger-based input with the exact same brushes, interface and interface. It’s designed for on-the-go creativity and for convenient showcase of artworks.

Fresco also now supports text and Adobe Fonts typefaces which can be easily manipulated with sliders for sizing, leading and tracking.

Fresco’s focus on brushes will also be augmented with a new tool: Smudge brushes. These can be used to soften strokes, blend edges and blur the linework of any pixel or Photoshop brush. You’ll also be able to import ribbon brushes from Adobe Capture, adjust pressure sensitivity and livestream your Fresco drawing.

Illustrator on iPad

From logos, graphics and designs, Adobe Illustrator now brings comes to iPad for an extra boost to your creative endeavours. 

On iPad, Illustrator takes advantage of the Apple Pencil for precise linework and allows you to edit the paths to perfection. There will also be a powerful typography toolkit that will allow advanced features like Type on a PathOutline Text and variable fonts.

As on desktop, Illustrator also creates patterns with a touch with Grid or Radial Repeat, and you can take advantage of Mirror Repeat to create patters of paths, shapes and type.

2020 Photoshop & Lightroom improvements

Photoshop has been boosted with Adobe’s Sensei AI with new features like Sky Replacement and two new Refine Edge selections. Neural Filters also allow users to reduce complex workflows and access a library of filters.

Lightroom now provides access to Advanced Colour Grading across the ecosystem that lets you grade midtones in addition to previously-available highlights and shadows within the Split Toning tool. Lightroom now also supports graphical watermarking and automatic version saving.

Even something as essential as Lightroom stands to benefit from Adobe’s Sensei AI platform, which helps curate your Best Photos from hundreds of images based on technical aspects like focus and exposure to artistic ones like framing, whether eyes are open and face is oriented toward the camera. You’ll also be able to toggle the threshold with a slider that determines the percentage of photos that make the cut.

2020 video suite improvements to Premiere Pro and After Effects

Aside from performance improvements, Premiere Pro has been improved with Sensi-powered Speech to Textwhich automates captions and subtitles for quicker production.

For After EffectsRoto Brush 2 has a new Sensi-enabled ability to select and tract objects frame-by-frame to isolate it even in challenging conditions. There’s also a new 3D Design Space to creat 3D Gizmos with improved camera tools to navigate and design better.

3D design improvements

Adobe Aero is now available as a beta on desktop, while the Adobe XD experience design platform has a 3D Transforms features for UX and UI designers to create AR experiences.

Adobe Max 2020

Amid unique circumstances, Adobe Max 2020 packed a punch with sweeping upgrades throughout the Creative Cloud lineup of products. An emphasis on AI-enabled automation to perform tedious tasks like transcribe captions and pick better images, along with collaborative features like livestreaming and version sharing bring Adobe’s apps into a brave new world of remote work and unique possibilities.

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