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Adobe makes its choice: no more Flash for Apple mobile devices

We all knew that this was going to happen, but nothing seals rumours better than the words of a CEO himself. And as far as Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is concerned, Apple can have its Flash-less devices; the company will shift its focus to partners who are willing to work with it instead.

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As far as most users are concerned, the war between iOS and Flash is over. Apple will not allow Flash in its mobile devices, and Adobe has no choice but to go along with it. Of course, there were some who believed that there was a chance Apple may change its mind and embrace Flash as long as Adobe was willing to iron out the various issues about the browser plugin which Apple had previously criticized.

Unfortunately, Adobe had other plans. Instead, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said in an interview with The Telegraph that he believes Adobe does not need Apple, its iPhones or iPads.

“Apple has made their choice,” he said. “We’ve made ours and we’ve moved on.”

Instead of trying to waste additional time convincing Apple to change their decision, Narayen has made it clear that they would rather work with more receptive partners instead.

“They (Apple) have chosen to keep their system closed and we’d rather work with partners who are interested in working with us,” he said, although he added that the door was always open to Apple in the unlikely event the Cupertino company decides to have a change of heart.

“Our doors are open,” he said. “You’ll have to ask them (Apple) about their part.”

Of course, not having Flash in iOS will probably do little to impact Adobe’s and Apple’s bottom-line. After all, the iPhone and iPad have been doing extremely well for years even without support for Flash, and Adobe had just recently released its CS5 suite of creative software to huge fanfare. All in all, life will probably go on as usual for both companies with little loss in goodwill between them.

*For the full interview, please visit The Telegraph

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